Members of our dojo attended the IKA International Seminar in Seattle this past August.

In addition to three days of incredible training, including the first Kokondo Military Training session ever, three from our dojo received rank promotions.

Sensei Martin was promoted to Yodan – 4th degree black belt in karate.

Mr. Martin with Shihan Arel and Kaicho Howard

Mr. Dennis Adams received his Nidan – 2nd degree black belt – promotion in karate.

Mr. Adams and Mr. Martin with their certificates

Mr. David Hea was promoted to Probationary Shodan – 1st degree black belt in karate.

Mr. Hea surrounded by St. Louis dojo attendees

Congratulations to all!!



One thought on “St. Louis Dojo attends IKA International Seminar in Seattle

  1. Congratulations Sensei Martin, long overdue! And thank you for inspiring me so long ago, 1988 I believe? I still remember the day that Sensei promoted me to Ikyu in KoKonDo. Yourself and Sensei Minner have instilled a desire in me long ago that grows stronger each day!

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