Shihan Paul Arel developed Jukido Jujutsu.  This art was named in 1959.  Jukido is a jujitsu system with an emphasis on self defense.  Shihan Paul Arel’s legacy of three unifying principles to Martial arts; Kuzushi, Jushin and Shorinji are used in Jukido as they are used in his other art, Kokondo Karate.  

Master George Rego

Throwing practice


In the first stages of Jukido there is an emphasis on self defense drills which allows the student to become familiar with Escapes, Throws, Blocks, Locks and Strikes.  These drills eventually evolve into infinite applications liberating the Jukido student from having only one defense for a specific attack. These five facets also blend into a self defense style that is recommended for anyone needing a no-nonsense approach to self defense.  Since Jukido utilizes the attacker’s strength against them this art is especially popular for the young.  Classes begin for children at 5 or 6 years old and continue throughout adulthood. 


Jukido instills confidence as Kaicho Howard (current Chief Instructor for Jukido) states when reflecting on his own history in Jujitsu, “Shihan always said rudeness is a weak person’s imitation of strength.”  The biography of many of Jukido’s highest ranks includes being bullied as children.  Jukido helped many youngsters develop the skills to become successful, confident and friendly adults.   


Jukido is guided by the seven codes of Bushido









These codes govern the ethics of all self defense situations.  What is the appropriate response to an attacker’s aggression?  The answer lies in a series of “what If” questions and drills.  A good martial artist behaves responsibly.  This concept is taught in Jukido regardless of the age of the participants and the variety of the attack.  This ethical concern allows the student to have the needed compass and courage to navigate the schoolyard, the boardroom or the back alley.


Jukido is versatile, effective and appropriate self defense for everyone.


One thought on “Jukido Jujutsu

  1. Well to me Martial Arts means respect and
    discipline. I have trained in different Martial arts now
    for much more than 20 years. I have seen much of
    people appear and disappear but one more thing that I have noticed will be the respect and
    discipline that has definitely changed those peoples perception of life.

    Children that have started which have been on the wrong side of the tracks, always in trouble and no idea
    how to respect other kids. Put them in a controlled environment with
    discipline and fighting and they soon start to understand.

    Martial arts is one way for teenagers and adults to get rid
    of their aggression without hurting or bullying

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