Located in the Affton area of St. Louis, MO, the Kokondo of Greater St. Louis, run by Senior Kokondo Instructor Mr. Charles Martin, teaches students this primarily traditional Japanese system derived from the oldest known form of the warrior arts – those proven in the past to be both powerful and effective.

Public Service: Our members are available for seminars for your organization or group. We can customize the sessions to fit your needs – from lectures to hands-on training.

Groups we have worked with include:

Martiz Corporation
Webster University
GMAC Mortgage Women’s Group
The Salvation Army
I.T.T. Criminal Justice and Gold’s Gym of St. Peters, Missouri


Kokondo translates into:   “The Way of the Past and Present.”

Kokondo martial arts is composed of superior jujitsu (Jukido) and powerful karate systems. Kokondo, with its strong Chinese and Okinawan influences, is not sport-oriented. Instead of trying to win trophies, Kokondo’s emphasis is on realistic and effective self defense. We stress safety, courtesy and respect to others, self discipline and doing one’s best.

Classes include both Karate Kokondo and Jukido Jujitsu. Both are very powerful and complete systems which complement each


8 thoughts on “About St. Louis Kokondo

  1. Sensei Martin,

    Thank you sir for your patience and instruction.


    Matthew Kelly

  2. hi
    I’ve studied under Mr Martin for 21 years , he is a great sensai . the system is excellent .

  3. I have studied under Sensei Martin for over 7 months and earned my Yellow belt. I am 61 years old and find this system to be extremely effective. I have served in the Marine Corps for 20 years and have never encountered such an awesome martial art as Kokondo karate and Jukido jujitsu. I have the utmost respect for the sensei, dans, and ukes of this school. Anyone in the Sait Louis area should give it a try. Realistic and authentic self defense training.

  4. I was a student at the St. Louis KoKonDo Dojo in the late eighties through 1991. Due to my rebellious teenage years and my service in the U.S. Marine Corps I unfortunately never had the opportunity of attaining my Dan in KoKonDo. I was so close yet so far, but I can assure you that this IS a complete style or “system” as some like to say and having trained in many “traditional” Okinawan and Japanese arts since leaving the KoKonDo Dojo, you can rest assured that Sensei Martin has the knowledge and discipline that you seek. Thank you.

  5. For anyone who wants a practical system designed to teach you self defense look no further. I live about five hours away from St. Louis but I am in the Kokondo system and can vouch for it. Sensei Martin is extremely helpful and does a wonderful job of creating a welcoming atmosphere while giving you the tools that if practiced and respected could one day save your life. With a powerful system and a great support structure you owe it to yourself to strongly consider St. Louis Kokondo while making your decision over martial arts dojos.

  6. Hello Rob;

    Issin Ryu and Kyokushin were two of the styles studied by our founder, Shihan Arel. Aspects of both were integrated into the Kokondo system.

    We have a tab on the main page that will lead you to a much more detailed explanation.

    Thank you for your interest.

  7. I just have a question.
    What is this style? I saw it once and never heard of it and I have gotten different stories doing net search on it got a suggestions it is Jujitsu Isshin Ryu and Kyushikai or something like that.
    Just curious of what this is is all and figured you are a instructor so u must know.
    Thanks for answering curious cat.

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